Burials and Interments
St. Luke's maintains a database of burials and interments in St. Luke's Cemetery. Several volunteers are working on updating the database. A copy of the database, sorted alphabetically by last name, is included below so descendants can search for ancestors using this spreadsheet. Paired with the map, also linked below, descendants can locate relatives buried in St. Luke's Cemetery. Please note that if the status is noted as "Memorial" that means that there is a marker for the person, but their remains are not interred in St. Luke's Cemetery.

Missing Information
The current database presently has lots of gaps and missing information. Please check back periodically as an updated version of the database will be uploaded as information is corrected and added to the database. The database was updated as of December 8, 2021. Watch for more updates as we continue to research and correct information in the database.

If you have information about, or photographs of, people buried in St. Luke's Cemetery, please let us know as we are always looking for new information for our database and to use for cemetery tours and articles in our parish magazine, The Prescription.

If you are a descendant of anyone buried in St. Luke's Cemetery, or if you know of any descendants, please let us know so we can update our records.

Updates - Please Contact Us
To send a correction, share additional information and photographs, or to provide descendants' information, please contact St. Luke's by e-mail or call the Church Office at 250-477-6741.