The Thrifty Foods Smile Card Program is no longer available. The money on your Smile Card is still available to use but St. Luke's will no longer receive any benefits when the Smile Card is loaded.

How a Thrifty Foods Smile Card Works

St. Luke's has been fortunate for a number of years to receive funding for a Thrifty Foods Smile Card project. This year our project is the repair of the rock walls on the grounds.

If you already have a Smile Card which is for St. Luke’s, you are welcome to use that. Note that it has to be a special Smile Card which has been linked to St. Luke’s Smile Card account. If you don’t have a Smile Card, some are available from the Church Office. Please check with Bonnie about picking up a card from the office.

To get funding for St. Luke’s, take the Smile Card with you to Thrifty Foods when you go grocery shopping. Ask the cashier to load any amount you wish onto the card before paying for your grocery order. Pay for loading the card with cash, a cheque, a debit card or credit card. Then pay for your grocery order with the Smile Card.

When the card is running low, load it again to continue to support St. Luke’s every time you shop. There is absolutely no cost to you. Each time the Smile Card is “loaded” with a cash amount, Thrifty Foods donates 5% into St. Luke’s Smile Card account. The account balance is paid out every 4-5 weeks.

When a Smile Card is used at the store, a message at the bottom of the grocery till tape is displayed thanking the user for supporting the organization, in this case St. Luke’s. The card balance is shown as well.

Thank you for supporting St. Luke's by using your Smile Card at Thrifty Foods.