You are invited to take part in a fundraising program using Fairway Market Community Shopping Cards. These reloadable cards are similar to the Smile Cards we've used in the past but these are for use at Fairway Markets.

To take part in this program, please pick up your reloadable Fairway Market card from St. Luke's Office.

Load or re-load your card at any check out counter at any of the 10 Fairway Market stores on Vancouver Island. Use any means of payment including your favourite credit card to collect points or miles.

You may re-load between $20 and $500 each time and you can re-load the same card multiple times.   

Please keep a record of your card number in case of loss. (When reported, the remaining balance on the lost card may be transferred to a new card.) To report a lost card, call Michelle at 604-267-9570 or 1-888-267-9570 or e-mail:

St. Luke's automatically receives 5% from Fairway Market for every dollar loaded on the card.

If you have questions about this program, please contact St. Luke's office.