Many groups and volunteers make Worship at St. Luke’s possible. Together, we gather to worship, learn, and serve as equals, celebrating our unique God-given gifts. We are always seeking new volunteers to bring their gifts and energy to our worship.

Altar Guild members facilitate and enhance worship by preparing the altar, vessels, vestments, and linens that will be used in each worship service. They also care for the sanctuary and chancel areas of the church and perform any other duties required to prepare for each service. Most of the work is ‘invisible’ to the congregation and is carried out in a quiet, respectful way. See more information at the Altar Guild page.

The Choir enhances worship services by providing musical leadership to the congregation in singing of hymns and liturgy as well as offering special music, such as anthems and introits. See more information at the Choral Programme page.

Greeters and Sidespeople offer warm greetings to all who enter the church, welcoming newcomers, handing out service bulletins, counting attendees, collecting the offertory, and guiding people to the altar for communion.

Liturgical Assistants are lay volunteers, trained to assist at worship services with scripture readings, including the Gospel, leading the Prayers of the People, setting the altar for communion, and acting as chalice bearers. Youth may also assist at the altar as Altar Servers, at communion services.

Readers are members of the congregation who, using the Common Lectionary, read the assigned scripture for the specific Sunday or worship service.

Questions? Do you have questions about Worship at St. Luke’s or want to become involved?  We would like to hear from you. Please contact us at