St Luke's Choir

September 2020 ff: The Choir is currently rehearsing via Zoom on Thursday evenings from 7-8pm, exploring the rich heritage of hymns and anthems from the Anglican Communion and other faith communities. 


Music Director Susanne Reul-Zastre conducts St. Luke's Choir, a multi-generational group of enthusiastic, friendly, and cheerful volunteer singers. Singing in a choir improves vocal health, breath control, flexibility, range, resonance and projection. With a focus on strong vocal techniques, each singer will flourish with ease to ensure a long life of healthy singing!

We aspire to sing choral repertoire that is accessible to singers of all abilities. Repertoire includes sacred traditional and contemporary anthems from the 6th to the 21st centuries, and world music such as Taizé chants, folk and gospel songs, and music from the African and Asian continents.

In addition, the choir, guest choristers, and invited soloists prepare special music for services on the first Sunday in Advent, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, the Lessons and Carols for the Feast of Epiphany service, and for services during Holy Week and on Easter Sunday.

Choir rehearsals

Rehearsals take place on Thursday from 7:00-8:30pm in the church starting the Thursday after Labour Day through to the middle/end of June. No rehearsal between Christmas and New Year's Day.

Feel free to sing with us on Thursday evenings or just join us in preparation for special services (Advent/Christmas and Holy Week). We welcome all singers regardless of age, gender or race!