Parish Council 2022
The Reverend Daniel Fournier
Rector's Warden: Heather Simpson  
People's Warden: Brenda Morgan
Treasurer: Kathleen Patterson       Secretary: Jean Burke
Delegates to Synod: Sharon Hallsor and Tara Poilievre
Alternate Synod Delegates: Rick Saville and Sharon McMillan
Council Members at Large: Aidan Andrews, Gillian Bloom, Sandra Lindberg, Janine Longy, 
Barb Prescott, Jan Storch, and Sean Tiernay

Other Parish Contacts
Organist and Choir Director: Susanne Reul-Zastre
Children and Youth Ministry: Sharon Hallsor
Communications Coordinator: Barb Prescott
Director of Worship: Sean Tiernay

Parish Organizations
Altar Guild:
President: Jane Grant  Treasurer: Noreen Saville
Flowers: Ann Seguin  Funerals: Joan Gowan

Contact any of these people
by calling St. Luke's Church Office at 250-477-6741.