Why are we calling this section St. Luke’s At Home?

We will not be meeting in the church building for the time being. We will be staying home and meeting through online videos, phone calls, and e-mails. So we will be St. Luke’s At Home.

But also looking back on the history of St. Luke’s parish, the first congregation of St. Luke Cedar Hill met at home in the farmhouse of John and Jesse Irvine in September 1860. The farmhouse was situated on the west side of Cedar Hill Road just north of the present church. St. Luke’s congregation met in homes until the first chapel was built in 1862. See St. Luke's History page for more information.

In 2010, when we celebrated our 150th Anniversary, we held Home Church Services on September 17th in parishioners’ homes to commemorate the first services in the Cedar Plains area.  

Now we are in 2020, celebrating our 160th anniversary and we are once again St. Luke’s at Home. Who would have thought that we would be back celebrating St. Luke’s in our homes as the early parishioners did in 1860? Of course things are a little different now. We are connected by e-mail and online in our own homes rather than gathering in someone’s home. But we are still called to be the Parish of St. Luke but in a different way.

Thank you to Brenda Morgan for sharing this picture of the beautiful new frontal she created for the altar. To learn how Brenda created this frontal, read her article at the left, Spiritual Growth - A New Altar Frontal.