Our tag line (the saying that goes along with the visual logo) is taken from the words of Jesus in the gospel according to Matthew, chapter 5, verse 14. “A City on a Hill Cannot be Hidden.”

Jesus' quote reminds us of the importance of visibility of Christians in the world. We are called to wear our faith proudly, which is not to say arrogantly, and to shine into the world as an example of what the love of God can accomplish in a life.

The community of St. Luke Cedar Hill shines forth into the Cedar Hill region of Saanich, on Vancouver Island. We witness to a creative God, made incarnate in the person of Jesus, who was crucified and resurrected. We witness to the lives that have been changed by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, and we seek to live our own lives, individually and as a community striving toward the teachings of Jesus, and transformed and saved by his grace and love.

The church building is a well known landmark on Cedar Hill and shines forth both literally and figuratively into the wider community. As you explore these pages, and see the many ways that this church on Cedar Hill is shining out, we hope that the love and grace of God will touch you in a new way.