Ways to Donate During this Time

During this time when we are not able to gather together physically for worship, it is still important to continue to support the ongoing ministry of St. Luke’s Church.

Donations to St. Luke’s can be made in a number of ways. During this time, if you regularly give by putting your envelope in the collection plate, we would ask that you please mail a cheque instead.  St. Luke's mailing address is: 3821 Cedar Hill Cross Rd., Victoria, BC  V8P 2M6. Offerings received this way will be counted and deposited regularly and added to your regular envelope number donations.   

This might also be a good time for you to choose to use the Electronic Collection Plate (also called ECP, automated giving, or direct debit) which is scheduled giving once or twice a month (your choice) through an electronic payment from your bank account. Not only is it easier and less work for the counters and the envelope secretaries at St. Luke’s, it also means that at a time like this your contributions to St. Luke’s are continuing.

You can sign up anytime or have your contributions discontinued at anytime. Forms are available from the link below under Download. Your completed form can be mailed in or scanned and e-mailed to the office. Signing up for electronic collection plate (ECP) now is an excellent opportunity for you to ensure your regular contribution is available for the work of the church. Please contact Barb Prescott via [email protected] or through the parish office (250-477-6741) and she will help you set this up.

You can also make a donation to St. Luke’s online, using the Donate Now button below. By clicking on the button, you will be taken to the Canada Helps website where you can make a donation to St. Luke’s. A pull down menu allows you to make a donation to Youth Programs, the Choral Scholar Fund, Organ Maintenance Fund, Fantastic Fridays, the Cemetery, or to the General Fund. If you make a donation this way, a small fee (4%) stays with Canada Helps as an administration fee. However, you can pay using a credit card or debit card and get the rewards you receive from using your credit card. So if the idea of receiving reward miles, in addition to your charitable donation receipt, encourages you to make a donation or to make a larger donation, St. Luke's would be very happy to receive your donation this way! Donations to Canada Helps can also be set up as a regular monthly donation.

Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org!

Tax receipts are issued at the end of each year for all donations over $10. Under the Income Tax Act, a taxpayer is entitled to a tax credit for donations made to charitable organizations. Gifts of $200 and less will produce a tax credit at the rate of 17%. If gifts exceed $200 in one year, the excess will have a credit of 29%. The credit rate is multiplied by the amount of the gift/donation and the product is then deducted from the tax which would be otherwise payable. The value of the credit is effectively increased by about 50% when provincial tax is taken into account (The Canadian Book of Charities, 2004).

Thank you for your donations to the ongoing ministry of St. Luke Cedar Hill Anglican Church.