Ideas For Your Time At Home

Some ideas for your time at home:

- See this link: ‘Write It Down’: Historian Suggests Keeping A Record of Life During Pandemic - Historian Herbert “Tico” Braun comments: Think of your children, your grandchildren, your friends down the road, who will ask you what was it like during that pandemic – “What was it called? Corona-something? You know, the one that was named after a Mexican beer … back then in 2020 or ’21. When was it?” 

- Organize your photos and look for photos of St. Luke's in different seasons and during different events, pictures of people at St. Luke's, pictures of the buildings and grounds. Save these pictures in a folder on your computer to send in later for the special St. Luke's calendar which is planned for next year.

- Some people are calling this a time of hibernation, a time to catch up on sleep, rest and take it easy.

- Another description: We're now Social Vegans - because we shun Meet!

Send other suggestions to Barb at [email protected].