Some ideas for your time at home:

Embrace Your Inner Explorer Without Leaving Home – Visit the Eiffel Tower, climb El Capitan in Yosemite Park, see the polar bears in Churchill Manitoba … Click here to explore.

Experience Machu Picchu - Click here to experience Machu Picchu in virtual reality.

Enjoy "Longest Time – Quarantine Edition" by the Phoenix Chamber Choir Vancouver, BC and sing along too! Find the link here.

Visit the Royal BC Museum and view some videos of diaries and documents from World War I or go to the Pathways section to view a variety of different topics. Inside each Pathway are options to explore through reading, watching videos, listening to recordings, and looking at images or meeting the people who have something to say about the topic. 

Watch a TED Talk - Choose from more than 3,400 talks to stir your curiousity. Watch one here.

Watch a live feed from the Lion Den and Rhino House of Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park in Scotland. Watch the live feed here. Remember the time difference between here and Scotland. If you watch it during the night time in Scotland, it will be dark and the animals will likely be asleep. So check the time in Scotland and pick a good time to watch.

The Metropolitan Opera is streaming performances of some of their most famous shows for free. Visit The Met here.

Visit Museums and Archives Around the World: Google Arts & Culture features content from over 2000 leading museums and archives who have partnered with the Google Cultural Institute to bring these museums and archives to you virtually. Visit them here.

IMAX Videos: Stay entertained while staying at home. IMAX Victoria is offering video content to keep you entertained during these difficult times, including exclusive interviews and three full IMAX films. Enjoy! Link to IMAX Online.

History: See this link: ‘Write It Down’: Historian Suggests Keeping A Record of Life During Pandemic - Historian Herbert “Tico” Braun comments: Think of your children, your grandchildren, your friends down the road, who will ask you what was it like during that pandemic – “What was it called? Corona-something? You know, the one that was named after a Mexican beer … back then in 2020 or ’21. When was it?” 

Organize photos you have of St Luke's: Look for photos of St. Luke's in different seasons and during different events, pictures of people at St. Luke's, pictures of the buildings and grounds. Save these pictures in a folder on your computer to send in later for the special St. Luke's calendar which is planned for next year.

Hibernate: Some people are calling this a time of hibernation, a time to catch up on sleep, rest and take it easy.

Another description: We're now Social Vegans - because we shun meet!

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