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For a number of years, St. Luke's has been fortunate to receive funding for a variety of projects through the use of Thrifty Foods Smile Cards. This year our project is the repair of the rock walls on the grounds. The funding for this year's project has now ended. A total of $2,207.51 has been raised through the Smile Card Program this year. Well done, everyone!

Thrifty Foods has now changed their Smile Card program and will no longer be offering it in the same format. The Smile Cards will be offered to organizations to buy in bulk. For this program, charities will need to pay $1000 - $4000 to purchase cards and receive a discount. This program will not be suitable for St. Luke's to take part in.

While St. Luke's won't be a part of the Smile Card program going forward, you can spend any money that you presently have on your Smile Card. However, if you decide to put more money on your Smile Card, St. Luke's won't receive any benefits. 

St. Luke's is now offering Fairway Market Community Shopping cards, which can be used at Fairway Markets in a similar way. See more information about this program at this link.