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Visit the Synod 2023 page of the Diocesan website to view:

- The video of Bishop Anna Greenwood-Lee’s charge that was delivered during her sermon at Christ Church Cathedral for the Opening Eucharist on May 12, 2023. A transcript of this charge is also available online.

- Three video presentations from Synod: on North Island presented by Sheila Cook, on the Refugee Program presented by Jibril Mohamed, and on Property Redevelopment presented by Brendon Neilson.

- The list of elected representatives, each of whom will serve a two-year term, to the other governing bodies within the church at each level. This includes diocese, ecclesiastical province (Provincial Synod) and national church (General Synod). 

Visit the canons and regulations page of the Diocesan website to view the updated version of the canons and regulations that outline the legal and procedural framework for the diocese, as these too were updated at the 101st Synod on May 13, 2023.