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This year's Amazing Journey Summer Day Camp will be held the week of July 8th to 12th.

We are planning this morning program with Church of the Cross and St. George’s. The theme will be A Seaside Adventure in Ancient Greece and this year’s camp will be at St. George’s, Cadboro Bay.

Early Bird Registration for this year's Day Camp for Elementary and Pre-school aged children will open on April 1st.

As well as a heads up for campers, we’ll be looking for older children, teens, and adults who can help that week. More information will be available soon. Questions? Please contact Sharon Hallsor, Barb Prescott, or or Leslie Flynn, or e-mail [email protected].

Early Bird Fees will be $25/first child; $20/second child; $15/third child. Early Registration Deadline is June 7th after which the fees will be $10 more per child.