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The RCCO Victoria Centre presents Posture Essentials for Organists and Musicians, a 35-minute video which will make you aware of your posture at the organ and the keyboard. This video by Dr. Steven Benson (a chiropractor and organist) and Susanne Reul-Zastre (an organist and personal trainer, aquafit instructor, group fitness instructor, and weight trainer) provides examples of good and "not so good" posture when playing the organ.

Playing the organ uses all of the muscles in your body, and good posture with relaxation is the key to effective playing. In the video, Susanne and Dr. Benson show in detail what is involved in a self-postural assessment at the console, how to spot both good and poor postural habits, and demonstrate effective warm-ups and stretches. They also recommend further study resources. The pdf linked below provides more information.

We hope that with good posture and relaxation you will be able to enjoy playing this wonderful instrument for many more years to come!