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A Note to St. Luke's from Tyler Akis, Pantry Program Coordinator, for the Shelbourne Community Kitchen

"Thank you so much for the generous donations you have shared with the Shelbourne Community Kitchen in the past. As we all know, food prices continue to rise across the country. As a result during 2022, the Shelbourne Community Kitchen saw a 30.2% increase in folks accessing our food support services. Our Pantry Program now has over 1000 registered members with more signing up each month. To help keep our Pantry Program shelves stocked for the months to come with healthy food for families, we are inviting our fabulous community members to join us for our annual Easter Food Drive Campaign!

Easter Food Drive Campaign:
When: March 21 - April 10
What: Consider donating healthy non-perishable foods to The Shelbourne Community Kitchen.
Donation suggestions include:

  • Canned Beans (Chickpeas, Black Beans, and Kidney Beans are great!)
  • Canned Fruit and Vegetables
  • Canned Fish, Canned Meat
  • Instant Meals
  • Granola Bars + Cereal
  • Pasta and Pasta Sauce
  • Peanut Butter
  • Oil/Vinegar
  • Juice, Coffee, Herbal Tea
  • Rice, Oats, and Other Grains

Your continued support will help us make this dream a reality and any contributions to the Kitchen will be greatly appreciated by the community we hold so dear to us. Best wishes and a Happy Easter to you and your loved ones."

Please continue to put these needed items in the baskets in the church and in the hall and we will deliver them to the Shelbourne Community Kitchen.