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Amira from the Shelbourne Community Kitchen will take part in the Amazing Journey Day Camp on Tuesday, July 11th and Wednesday, July 12th. Amira is planning some activities for the Day Campers. We look forward to the Kitchen's participation in the Amazing Journey Day Camp.

The Garden Sale Fundraiser for the Shelbourne Community Kitchen held at St. Aidan’s on May 6, 2017 was a great success. Sale organizer Vivian Skinner comments, “We raised $5,500 for the Shelbourne Community Kitchen and funds are still coming in from after-sales. It was a huge effort and we should all be proud of the way the local community came together to make the fundraiser happen. It was a festive event and one party of supporters was overheard to say, ‘What a fun morning together. The prices were so good and best of all it was for a good cause!’ How can you beat that?” Thanks to everyone who helped out with this fundraiser.

For more information about the Shelbourne Community Kitchen, visit their website or view the video below.