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Tammy Durand writes: "It has been a while since we provided an update and for that we are sorry. Without our volunteers and interns, ABCs has been left entirely without admin assistance since the onset of COVID. We are still here, and, simply put, we wouldn't be without your support.

During the height of the pandemic, we became a food and hygiene-supplies distribution center. While there were no physical classes, we provided the children with books, pencils, art supplies, homework assignments, and treats. Their families and others from our community were provided with food, treats, and protective materials.

Our filtered water station served more families than ever before. We distributed bicycles, and bore wells, covered several hospital stays, and sadly sponsored a couple of funerals.

Our scholarship students rode the rollercoaster, and I am happy to say they are all still hard at work in their prospective universities.

We were forced to close programs and sell properties in order to focus on keeping the community alive and well. At the same time, we designed new programs to service the needs of our ABCs family, and through it all, we managed to stay above water!

Today, while it's not perfect, we are enjoying our new normal. The food distribution continues but is smaller and more focused. All 14-day-time classes are running at only a slightly reduced capacity. Government schools are open, and ABCs now has Khmer tutoring, which means that despite the NUMEROUS setbacks, students are also catching up in their Government schooling. The kitchen is open for lunch five days a week, and we hope to reinstate breakfast in the coming months. While the farm has closed, our new garden is producing beautifully and being cared for primarily by parent volunteers under the coaching and leadership of our very own Ellen Healy A.K.A "Cha Harley."

I must admit there were dark times, heartaches, and MASSIVE frustrations, but hope carried us all through, and YOU provided that hope.

Our future is bright! Please accept our profound thanks, and enjoy the video. Link to the Video.

Love from
All the children, staff, and me XOX"

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