The Organ: 2-Manual 1925 Casavant Organ 

St Luke's has a lovely 2-manual Casavant organ that started its life as a theatre organ in 1925. It was later re-built to accompany church services and stripped off any of the typical theatre stops. 

Repair work to the cracked oboe chest and impacted Sesquialtera pipes were addressed in the summer of 2019. The proceeds of the September 7, 2019 organ fundraising Crowdpleasers Only! concert with 7 talented local organists and one fabulous bassoon player as well as tax-receiptable contributions via special monthly donation envelopes helped offset this major expense. For more information about the this fabulous concert, please see the Saanich News interview with Music Director Susanne Reul-Zastre at the bottom of this page.  

The video above shows Director of Music, Susanne Reul-Zastre, play Bach's Concerto in a-minor, in preparation for the Crowdpleasers Only! concert. 

The organ also needed some major repairs in 2017. A new humidifier, plumbing, electrical work, and tuning were needed to bring it back to life. Proceeds from the May 2017 Spring is the Air! Concert and fundraising from Thrifty’s Smile Cards helped pay for these costs.

For your reading pleasure, please click on the article included in the 2017 summer edition of the St Luke's Prescription for some more information about the pipe organ and the people who play them (Part 1).


The Piano: Kohler & Campbell 

A brand-new Kohler & Campbell piano was purchased in May 2007. Donations from parishioners and friends of St. Luke’s, as well as a contribution from Thrifty Foods through their Smile Card Program, were used to purchase the piano. This beautifully manufactured instrument is made of oak and spruce and contains absolutely no particle board. Cold-press hammers provide gorgeous tone, excellent dynamic range, and a lovely bright sound.