Organ Fundraising Concert – “Crowd Pleasers Only!” 

This popular concert was held on Saturday, September 7th, 2019 at 2:30 pm to raise funds to help offset the repairs in late August 2019 to the cracked Oboe Chest and impacted Sesquialtera pipe rank. Admission was by donation to the Organ Fund, with a suggested donation of $20. Performers included David Berry, Sandra Fletcher, Nicholas Fairbank, Rosemary Laing, Jennifer Mitchell, Christine Purvis, Matthew Robertson, and Susanne Reul-Zastre.

During the concert, as a special treat for the audience, a camera was positioned in the organ loft to show the organist's hands and feet flying over the manuals and pedals. The audience saw all of this activity on a big screen on the pulpit side of the church. The program showed the different orchestral colours of the organ and featured pieces written either specifically for, transcribed, or arranged for the organ as both a solo and an accompaniment instrument. Click here to see a video of Director of Music, Susanne Reul-Zastre, playing as a teaser, Bach's Concerto in a-minor, which was posted to Facebook prior to the concert.

This fabulous concert included the famous Widor Toccata (Nick Fairbank) and Vierne's Carillon de Westminster (Jennifer Mitchell). Attendees enjoyed lovely baroque/pre-baroque music by Bach, Telemann and Pachelbel (Christine Purvis, Matthew Robertson and Susanne Reul-Zastre), Three Jazz Chorale Preludes by J.M. Michel (Sandra Fletcher), 'The Empress Hotel Rag', and 'Che Bella Rosa' (original funny compositions by Rosemary Laing), and transcriptions of music by Handel, Grieg and Chaminade by W. Felton (David Berry). Click here to read the Saanich News article announcing the Crowd Pleasers Only Fundraising Concert.

Music Ministry Fundraising Concerts

Concerts have in the past often taken place either in the spring or the fall and featured members of the music ministry team, including the music director, choral scholars, cantors, volunteer musicians from our congregation, and other talented local musicians.  Vocal and instrumental repertoire performed at the concerts included sacred, classical, folk, musical theatre and jazz selections of high standard and all concert proceeds benefited the Organ Maintenance Fund and/or the St. Luke's Choral Bursary/Scholar program.

Below you will find links to posters and programmes of recent music ministry fundraising concerts.