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We just wanted to give you an update on TRY and how our group will be taking place over the next little while. As many of you probably know, Bonnie Henry has requested that gatherings that do not need to take place in person be moved to an online format.

While we are aware that currently Vancouver Island has not been ordered to shut down gatherings, we still feel it is best to abide by this request and move TRY back to Zoom. While an online format is never our ideal, we do feel as though this is the best move currently. We have decided that all TRY gatherings will be on Zoom until the New Year, and at that point we will look at what our current situation is and plan accordingly.

With a move back to the online format, also comes with a bit of a new schedule. We will be switching back to doing weekly Zoom meetings as we feel that a weekly event that is a bit shorter works best over Zoom. Our schedule is as follows:

  • Nov 15th: Trivia & Quiplash
  • Nov 22nd: Christmas Themed Music Bingo 
  • Nov 29th: Virtual Filming for St. John's Christmas Pageant
  • Dec 6th: Muffin Baking for Out of the Rain (pick-up of muffins will be arranged) 
  • Dec 13th: Christmas Party!! TBA on the details, but there will be lots of fun things!

Watch for the Zoom link for each event to be sent out close to the event date.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

All the best,
Liz & Jaime

[email protected] or contact our youth leaders with questions or to receive youth group emails.
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