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Senior Youth Group will be starting back up this Sunday January 13th! We will be meeting as per normal at St. George's Cadboro Bay at 7pm in the Narthex.  The next January meeting time will be January 27th, and February dates will be announced soon. 

Senior Youth Group is for individuals from grades 9-12 and offers a place where we can have real conversations about spirituality and life! This group offers a safe place to discuss, wonder, and discover our faith. From conversations about our own beliefs, to talking about major issues that are prevalent in society, to just chatting about what’s going on at school, this group is a place to explore these topics together. Let’s make friends, ask those hard questions, and explore our relationship with God!  

Each time we meet is a little bit different. We will pray, worship, discuss, make music, and maybe plan a few out trips so that we can engage with our community. The group is youth driven with a focus on discussing topics and planning activities that the group wants to engage in/learn about!  

If you have any questions, please contact Jaime Millar and Caitlin Dean at [email protected] 

This is a joint youth program between St. Luke's and St. George's with the aim to reach out to youth in parishes within Greater Victoria.