St. Luke's Financial Outreach Committee meets several times throughout the year and reports to Parish Council. The committee generally supports local charities, but also makes some donations directly to the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund, the official relief and development agency of the Anglican Church of Canada, for disaster relief as needed.

Another international project, which St. Luke's supports, is the Rice for a Year Program through ABCs and Rice in Siem Reap, Cambodia. See News stories below for more information.

In 2019, St. Luke’s Financial Outreach Committee distributed cheques to a variety of charities within the Greater Victoria area. St. Luke's Women's Fellowship received a donation of $300 for their work to assist Transition House families. St. Luke's also made a donation in the amount of $600 in support of Anglican Campus Ministry at UVic.

As in previous years, a contribution was made to the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival for Sacred Music Awards and support was provided for the ongoing ministry of The Sisters of St. John the Divine.

As one of the partner organizations in the Shelbourne Community Kitchen, St. Luke's supported the Kitchen with a donation of $3,000 in 2019. Each week parishioners also donate foodstuffs for the Shelbourne Community Kitchen to use in their pantry program.

Again in 2019, St. Luke's participated in a World of Gifts Project, through the Primate's World Relief and Development Fund, buying goats for families in Africa. Loonies, toonies, and bills were dropped in a Christmas stocking hung at the back of the church through Advent to Christmas Day. A cheque for $720 was sent to the World of Gifts for the Goats Project.

The rent charged to the South Island Centre for Counselling and Training for the use of the rectory continues to be reduced, saving them approximately $11,000 per year. This is part of our mandate to serve our local community.

In 2019, parishioners contributed an additional $1,137 directly to the PWRDF.

Outreach in 2020 has already started with a collection of items and monetary donations for Project Connect. See News story below about donations to Project Connect.

St. Luke's received many touching expressions of thanks for all of these contributions. The Financial Outreach Committee would like to thank our parishioners who have been truly compassionate and generous in their donations.