Life Events

Funerals and Memorial Services

When a loved one dies, we urge families to make one of their first calls to the Rector, or if possible to call the Rector before the death occurs. In this situation, you may call the Rector at any time of day or night.  

There are many rites at the time of death and the time that follows: prayers at the time of death with the family or close friends; the funeral liturgy; and the committal of the body or cremated remains. The clergy will work with the family and friends of the person who died to provide pastoral care and support to them as they move through grieving and the funeral process.  

Whenever possible, we encourage family members to make their wishes known to their family while they are healthy, so that when death does occur the family doesn’t need to wonder about what choices to make. Clergy are available to discuss your wishes at any time and we suggest that you leave your suggested funeral arrangements on record with the Rector to be filed in the Church Office, with copies supplied to immediate relatives. A special form and informative guidelines are available from the Church Office.  

For more information or to make inquiries about a funeral service, memorial service, or graveside service, please contact the Parish Administrator at 250-477-6741.