Music at St. Luke's

Liturgical and Instrumental Music

Sung Liturgical Music

Sacred liturgical music is sung at the 9:15am BAS service (Ordinary of the Mass: Mass of Remembrance by Marty Haugen), the 11:00 am BCP service (Ordinary of the Mass: settings by J. Eric Hunt and John Merbecke), the 10:00am combined service (BAS, BCP or special liturgy) and the 7pm Evensong service (Canticles from the Canadian Psalter or Ordinary of the Mass by John Merbecke). Cantors lead the singing of the psalm refrain and chant the psalm verses for each service. We sing Matins or Morning Prayer using Canticles from the Canadian Psalter on the third Sunday in February and November.

For BAS combined and special services, we use the 1998 Common Praise hymn book, the St Luke's 2009 Music Supplement, the With One Voice hymnal and sing many contemporary songs covered by One License ( for which we have an annual subscription. For BCP services we usually sing hymns from the 1938 Book of Common Praise.


Sacred Traditional and Contemporary Instrumental Music

Instrumental music on the organ and the piano is offered before each service (prelude), during communion, and after the final blessing (postlude). At BCP Evensong and combined services, organ music from pre-baroque to contemporary is offered.  Contemporary sacred piano music is also offered at BAS combined services and special services. 

Our soloists' programme offers instrumental music at some worship services by members of the harp choir, St. Luke's choir members, as well as by musical guests, visitors and friends.