Communion is a “communing” with Jesus, as the center of the community of faith. It is the simple act of sharing bread and wine together, an act which Jesus himself began with his disciples. In it he promises to be with us.

The bread is a sign of his strength, the wine a sign of his eternal life. You may hear it called Eucharist, or Holy Communion, or the Lord’s Supper, or in Catholic circles, “The Mass.”

Baptized Christians from any denomination are welcome to receive communion at the altar at St. Luke's. If you prefer not to receive wine from a common chalice, simply hold it as the words of administration are said. Due to health concerns, dipping (intinction) is no longer allowed in this diocese. Those who have never received, or prefer not to for whatever reason, are encouraged to come up with everyone else. Crossing your hands over your chest will signal the priest to give you a blessing instead.

If you are unsure about sharing in communion, please speak to one of the greeters/sidespersons or to the Rector.