People experience the presence of Jesus Christ in the world through the ministry of the church. The first task of the church community is to reach out to all people in Christian love and service. Christian hospitality draws people together, opens them to participation, and sets the tone for the service. 

Ministers of hospitality are equipped for this ministry by the gifts of the Holy Spirit. In their welcome and Christ-like attitude, ministers of hospitality ensure that all who gather see and experience the love of Christ.  

Worship: Sides Persons and Greeters

Ministers of hospitality (sidespersons and greeters) contribute in a number of different ways at the services. Important duties are greeting people warmly as they enter the church, welcoming newcomers, handing out the weekly bulletins, counting attendees, taking the offertory, and guiding people to the altar. 

Worship: Readers 

A roster of parishioners read the lessons and gospel at each service.  

Worship: Liturgical assistants

Liturgical assistants are trained to assist at services with readings, leading the Prayers of the People and acting as chalice bearers. Youth may also assist as servers at communion services.  

If you would like to assist in these areas, please contact the Church Office or talk to the Rector.