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It's time now to order the Canadian Church calendars for 2022.

In order to know how many calendars we should order, please phone (250-477-6741) or email the parish office to reserve your copy (or copies) of the calendar. Please reserve your copy by Monday, September 20th. These calendars will be $7.00 each.

Bonnie will call you when the calendars arrive and you will pay when you pick up your calendar. 

We will also be ordering the Anglican Church calendar, which is the calendar with the watercolours of Anglican churches, which includes the Sundays, Holy Days, Saints' Days and seasons of the Church Year, in accordance with the calendar from the BCP. This calendar will be ready later and will cost $9.00 as these calendars are more expensive to purchase.

When you phone or e-mail the office, please let Bonnie know which calendar you are ordering.