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Service for May 8, 2022 (The Fourth Sunday of Easter)
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This Sunday's service bulletin is posted at this link.

The words for this Sunday's hymns are posted below.

Opening Hymn: CP 397
Praise the One Who Breaks the Darkness
Praise the one who breaks the darkness
with a liberating light
Praise the one who frees the prisoners,
turning blindness into sight.
Praise the one who preached the gospel,
healing every dread disease,
calming storms and feeding thousands
with the very bread of peace.

Praise the one who blessed the children
with a strong yet gentle word.
Praise the one how drove out demons
with a piercing two-edged sword.
Praise the one who brings cool water
to the desert’s burning sand.
From this well comes living water,
quenching thirst in every land.

Praise the one true love incarnate:
Christ who suffered in our place.
Jesus died and rose for many
that we may know God by grace.
Let us sing for joy and gladness,
seeing what our God has done.
Praise the one redeeming glory,
praise the One who makes us one. 

Gradual Hymn: CP 519
The Lord’s My Shepherd
The Lord’s my shepherd, I’ll not want;
he makes me down to lie
in pastures green; he leadeth me
the quiet waters by.

My soul he doth restore again,
and me to walk doth make
within the paths of righteousness,
even for his own name’s sake;

Yea, though I walk in death’s dark vale,
yet will I fear no ill;
for thou art with me, and thy rod
and staff me comfort still;

My table thou hast furnished
in presence of my foes;
my head thou dost with oil anoint,
and my cup overflows.

Goodness and mercy all my life
shall surely follow me,
and in God’s house forevermore
my dwelling place shall be. 

Offertory Hymn: CP 404
The Trumpets Sound, the Angels Sing
The trumpets sound, the angels sing,
the feast is ready to begin;
the gates of heaven are open wide
and Jesus welcomes you inside.

Refrain: Sing with thankfulness
songs of pure delight,
come and revel in heaven’s love and light;
take your place at the table of the King,
the feast is ready to begin,
the feast is ready to begin.

Tables are laden with good things;
O taste the peace and joy he brings;
he’ll fill you up with love divine,
he’ll turn your water into wine. [Refrain]

The hungry heart he satisfies,
offers the poor his paradise;
now hear all heaven and earth applaud
The amazing goodness of the Lord. [Refrain]

Hymn during Communion: CP 85
Shepherd of Souls, Refresh and Bless
Shepherd of souls, refresh and bless
your chosen pilgrim flock
with manna in the wilderness,
with water from the rock.

We would not live by bread alone,
but by your word of grace,
in strength of which we travel on
to our abiding place.

Be known to us in breaking bread,
but do not then depart;
Saviour, abide with us, and spread
your table in our heart.

Lord, sup with us in love divine;
your body and your blood,
that living bread, that heavenly wine,
be our immortal food. 

Closing Hymn: CP 520
The King of Love, My Shepherd Is
The King of love my shepherd is,
whose goodness faileth never;
I nothing lack if I am his,
and he is mine forever.

Where streams of living water flow
my ransomed soul he leadeth,
and where the verdant pastures grow,
with food celestial feedeth.

Perverse and foolish oft I strayed,
but yet in love he sought me,
and on his shoulder gently laid,
and home rejoicing brought me.

In death’s dark vale I fear no ill
with thee, dear Lord, beside me;
thy rod and staff my comfort still,
thy cross before to guide me.

Thou spread’st a table in my sight;
thy unction grace bestoweth;
and O what transport of delight
From thy pure chalice floweth!

And so through all the length of days
thy goodness faileth never;
good Shepherd, may I sing thy praise
Within thy house forever!