Interior of St. Luke's Church being Painted This Month

The interior of St. Luke's Church is being painted this month. After the Sunday morning services on January 28, items needed for the month of February were moved from the church to the hall so that services could be held in the hall while the church is being painted.

Throughout the month of February, Sunday services are in the hall at 8 am, 10 am, and 7 pm while the interior of the church receives its much needed painting. Thank you for your patience and flexibility during this time.

The Thursday 10:30 morning services are being held at Lutheran Church of the Cross through to March 22. Thank you to Lutheran Church of the Cross for their generosity and hospitality to St. Luke’s during this period.

St. Luke's received a grant of $14,500 through the Heritage Legacy Fund, to support the work of painting the exterior and interior of the church building. This funding, made possible through the Heritage Legacy Fund and overseen by Heritage BC, provides grants for heritage conservation, awareness-building, and planning projects throughout British Columbia.

See Press Release below for more information.

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